"I cannot imagine my creative work without specific attention to ethical, eco-environmental values, linked to artisanal know-how mixed with an innovative spirit


Heritage & Know-how

The excellence of fine jewellery has been transmitted from generation to generation for century in our workshop in Valenza. Each piece is handcrafted by the jewellers, setters, polishers and engravers who combine their skills to bring the jewel to life.

An innovative spirit

The desire to offer and experiment with new designs appears in each piece where technique and innovation combine.


Resolutely contemporary, each piece is built around the concept of the open and the closed with a suggestion of the movement of forms. The two themes affirm the signature of the brand Sibylle von Munster.


"By using ethical gold, I wish to contrib to human and ecological values.

Fairmined gold

The fairmined label certifies not only the extraction process, but also each player of the sector (refiners, smelters, jewellers) guaranteeing exclusive use of Faimined gold and traceability from the mine to the final product.

Fairmined ethical gold is a positive, innovative and promising response to the environmental challenges of our time.


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